‘American Assassin’ Helped Dylan O’Brien Get Back On His Feet After Accident

‘American Assassin’ helped Dylan O’Brien get back on his feet after accident

O’Brien filmed “American Assassin,” arguably the most physically demanding role the “Teen Wolf” actor has had to date, while he was still recovering.
There was a point, however, when he was unsure he’d be able to see his commitment through.
“I didn’t know if I could do it for a while,” he said. “It was definitely a challenge that…lingered over my head a little bit in my recovery time. I decided I didn’t want to pass it up.”
O’Brien stars alongside Michael Keaton in the movie, out now.
Keaton plays a no-nonsense operative named Stan Hurley, who takes loose cannon Rapp under his wing.
O’Brien admitted taking the role while still recovering was “not easy” and he had some limitations during production. But they approached training “slowly.”
“That actually ended up being really good for me and something I really enjoyed and something that was really good for my mind,” he said. “The movie as a whole was a big step for me. It got me back on my feet. So it will actually always be really important to me — this time, this movie.”

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