‘Black Mirror’ Breaks Through With Creepy Netflix Return


‘Black Mirror’ breaks through with creepy Netflix return

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Like “The Twilight Zone,” “Black Mirror” cleverly creates these slightly skewed worlds with limited special effects and in a truncated amount of time, trusting the audience to catch up with stories that are often joined in progress. It’s the sort of brainy science fiction to which many aspire and few consistently deliver.
In one respect, “Black Mirror” isn’t the ideal Netflix show, since there’s nothing to be gained by binging the stand-alone episodes. The production is so good, though, that viewers might find themselves doing just that — consuming the hours in one big, greedy gulp, eager to see what other dark nooks the show is going to explore next.
The danger with any anthology, of course, is that you’re only as good as your last episode. The fact that “Black Mirror” so consistently delivers on its premise is a testament to the fact that Brooker and company are very good indeed.
“Black Mirror” premieres October 21 on Netflix.

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