GLAAD Studio Study No Hooray For Hollywood


GLAAD studio study no hooray for Hollywood

Gay men were the most represented group with 83% of the inclusive films featuring gay male characters.
Lesbian portrayals rose from 23% in 2015 to 35% last year, while bisexual representation appeared in 13% of LGBTQ-inclusive films.
But even when the LGBTQ characters are included in movies, they sometimes aren’t identified as such.
GLAAD noted that the character of Harley Quinn’s bisexual identity, which is front and center in the comic books, was “completely erased” in the “Suicide Squad” film it inspired.
As for transgender representation, the only transgender character counted was used as a punchline to a joke in “Zoolander 2.”
Despite films like Oscar-winner “Moonlight,” GLAAD found a five-percentage point drop in LGBTQ characters of color in 2016, which marked a decrease for the second consecutive year.
GLAAD’s rating system for the studios was excellent, good, insufficient, poor, or failing. Universal Pictures was the only studio to be rated “insufficient.”
No studio has ever been rated “excellent.”

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