Hollywood Medium Recap: Tyler Henry Communicates With The Late Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy In ”Absolutely Shocking” Reading

Hollywood Medium Recap: Tyler Henry Communicates With the Late Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy in ”Absolutely Shocking” Reading

There’s never dull moment in the life of Tyler Henry.

Such was the case on tonight’s all-new episode of Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry when the 20-year-old clairvoyant sat for readings with reality star Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett, rapper and record producer Lil Jon and Real Housewives of New York cast member Carole Radziwill.

While the clairvoyant was successfully able to communicate messages of closure and comfort to his celebrity clients, he also received some surprises of his own. One being the fact that his 50-year-old mother knows more about hip hop music than he does! 

Even though Tyler didn’t recognize the “Turn Down for What” artist during their meeting, his mom definitely did—and she’s a big fan. “Having my mom recognize my client and I still have no idea who he is made my definitely take a moment to think about brushing up on my pop culture.” LOL!

Here are more memorable moments from tonight’s episode:

1. Tyler told Kendra she has a “susceptibility” to pregnancy: The reading began with Tyler asking Kendra if she would be open to having a third child since she has a “susceptibility” to pregnancy. The reality star was so surprised by the revelation, but admitted she actually would be open to another baby, especially since she’s already experiencing “empty-nest syndrome” with her daughter now in preschool!

“You can’t get away with anything with Tyler,” Kendra said. “My little secret of maybe wanting a third child Tyler picked up on! That’s something I was hiding from everyone!”

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2. Kendra’s grandma moved her to tears: Kendra got emotional when Tyler revealed how much pride her grandmother feels for her from the other side. “She’s making a point to acknowledge that in life she feels like she was mom to a deeper extent that most grandmas,” he said. “She comes through as your protector.”

“She makes this immense, immense connection to you, more than I even see some mothers come through for their own children,” he continued. “She shows an immense amount of pride for your independence and also your independence in your relationship with you mom and your ability to be strong.”

3. Tyler had no clue who 2 Chainz is: When Lil Jon asked Tyler for advice on his music career, he immediately saw a symbol for two chains, but he had no idea what it could mean. LOL! “I know him,” Lil Jon said. “He’s actually a rapper.” Tyler said they will definitely have a chance to collaborate on new music in the near future.

Tyler also had to talk about a song with a female vocalist that he believed would be successful. “I want to highlight that as being the one that will kind of revolutionize, in a weird way, how we listen to a certain genre,” he said. Lil Jon confirmed he was dead on. “That’s deep because it’s reggaeton,” he said. “It’s me and a female singer, Becky G, and Yandel,” the musician revealed. “So it’s kind of like reggaeton, hip hop and pop all together.”

4. Lil Jon celebrated his dad’s birthday in a special way: Lil Jon was also curious to connect with his father who passed away from bone marrow cancer. “He was a strong man, a very strong man. There’s lovingness there, and there’s a kindness there, but he was able to say a lot without saying much when he did talk,” Tyler said. “If he would have done anything different, he would have communicated more.” Tyler was able to offer Lil Jon closure by telling him his father was confident he would be okay even after his death.

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“I’m really glad you helped me talk to my dad because it’s actually his birthday today too,” the musician said. “So it’s great that we can communicate and I can understand him a little bit more.”

5. Carolyn Bessette came through like a “force” to be reckoned with: Carole Radziwill started her meeting with Tyler by handing him a gold ring that had been a gift from a dear friend and relative. He immediately felt a reference to a woman who died tragically at an early age. “The amount of life that she had in side of her was intense in the way that it comes across,” Tyler said. “It’s like, ‘I’m a force.’ If she walks in the room, I feel like everyone looks at her.”

Carole revealed he was talking about Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy, who was one of her closest girlfriends and her cousin by marriage. “That was a Christmas present,” Carole told Tyler, pointing at the ring. “She was young and died in a plane crash.”

“She’s coming through fine,” Tyler said. “She wants you to know she’s there, without a doubt. And I just have to go on the record and say, she viewed you as a sister.”

6. Tyler was shocked to learn who Carolyn’s husband was: Later, Tyler told Carole that Carolyn thinks it’s so funny she’s now on reality television. Carole thought it was ironic because Carolyn was so exposed in the media when she was alive. “Carolyn Bessette, obviously she was married to John F. Kennedy Jr., so their life was a reality show,” she mentioned.

Tyler was completely stunned. “This reading is mind-blowing for me,” he said. “I unknowingly was bringing through Carolyn Kennedy. It’s absolutely shocking. It makes sense why she came through really strongly, so strongly that she pushed all the other energies out of the way.”

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