Hollywood’s Advice On New Trump Era


Hollywood’s advice on new Trump era

His sentiments echo some of the tweets from celebs such as screenwriter Dustin Lance Black, who encouraged people to turn their sadness with the election result into action.
“Gather your strength,” Black tweeted after the election. “Now we must turn our tears to sweat, do battle with hate, and turn this chaos into progress. The great work begins.”
A letter written in the voice of Leslie Knope, the character Amy Poehler played on the TV series “Parks and Recreation,” has gone viral.
In it, Knope tells a story about a mock election her class held when she was in fourth grade. A less qualified T. rex named Dr. Farts beat the more qualified cartoon tortoise named Greenie, she said.
“The point is: people making their own decisions is, on balance, better than an autocrat making decisions for them,” the letter reads.
“It’s just that sometimes those decisions are bad, or self-defeating, or maddening, and a day where you get dressed up in your best victory pantsuit and spend an ungodly amount of money decorating your house with American flags and custom-made cardboard-cutouts of suffragettes in anticipation of a glass-ceiling-shattering historical milestone ends with you getting (metaphorically) eaten by a giant farting T. rex.”

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