Iceberg The Size Of Delaware To Break Off From Antarctica


Iceberg the size of Delaware to break off from Antarctica

“When it calves, the Larsen C Ice Shelf will lose more than 10% of its area to leave the ice front at its most retreated position ever recorded; this event will fundamentally change the landscape of the Antarctic Peninsula,” lead researcher Professor Adrian Luckman said in a statement posted to the MIDAS website.
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Martin O’Leary, a researcher at MIDAS, told CNN the huge iceberg could render the remaining sheet of ice unstable — causing sea levels to rise and to overall changes to the Antarctic’s landscape.
“I think in terms of the impact that the iceberg has on the ocean, it’s a very spectacular event but its not going to be a huge thing in itself — the iceberg is big but the oceans are a lot bigger,” O’Leary added.

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In 2002, Larsen C’s neighboring ice shelf, Larsen B, violently broke off from its parent, shattering into millions of pieces — accelerating a mass of broken ice into the Antarctic current.
Before Larsen B collapsed, it demonstrated a pattern similar to Larsen C. In 1995, another ice shelf, Larsen A, also broke off from the same ice mass.
Since then, researchers at MIDAS have been tracking Larsen C with a close eye.
O’Leary said that Larsen A and B’s breaks were “unequivocally climate change-related,” but so far researchers aren’t linking global warming to Larsen C’s split.
The team says the break in Larsen C has likely been caused by natural geographic patterns marked in their research for decades.
“We don’t think there is a strong link to change climate change in terms of the provocation of the crack in question … but we couldn’t work that out,” O’Leary said.

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