Patricia Arquette And Chrissy Teigen Weigh In After United Airlines Bars Girls From Flight Over Leggings

Patricia Arquette and Chrissy Teigen Weigh in After United Airlines Bars Girls From Flight Over Leggings

Girls being barred from flights for wearing leggings is just not going to fly with a lot of angry social media users, including Chrissy Teigen and Patricia Arquette.

A United Airlines gate agent barred two girls from boarding a flight from Denver to Minneapolis Sunday because they were wearing leggings, while another girl wearing them had a dress in her bag and was made to change before she was allowed on, a witness tweeted.

Naturally, Twitter exploded. Arquette, who drew a standing ovation at the 2015 Oscars when she called for wage equality and equal rights for women during her acceptance speech, was particularly peeved.



“Why aren’t you allowing girls to wear leggings on flights? Who is your gate agent policing girls clothing?” she wrote. “Was there something’s strange about all these girls leggings? Do U understand U have just made at least half UR customers very unhappy?”

“Leggings are business attire for 10 year olds. Their business is being children,” she continued. “Y did dad board wearing shorts? Shorts R only business attire 4 Angus Young.”

“I have flown united before with literally no pants on,” Teigen tweeted. “Just a top as a dress. Next time I will wear only jeans and a scarf.”

William Shatner offered to lighten the mood.

Meanwhile, United offered an explanation.

“The passengers this morning were United pass riders who were not in compliance with our dress code policy for company benefit travel,” the airline responded on Twitter.

A United rep told Denver’s NBC affiliate KUSA-TV that pass riders are relatives of employees and fly under employee pass privileges, and that unlike regular paying customers, they are not permitted to board planes while wearing leggings or yoga pants because they must adhere to a stricter dress code.

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The rep declined to release the dress code policy for pass riders, saying it is part of an internal policy and will not be released at this time.

“Honestly I don’t really care,” Teigen tweeted. “If I have an issue with a company, I stop giving them money. Like d&g. Easy peasy.”


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