‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ Tries To Turn Back Time


‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ tries to turn back time

By now, Depp’s boozy, over-the-top shtick is awfully familiar, and any cynical (or reasonably informed) viewer might write off his continued participation as a signal of well-publicized off-screen money issues more than anything else. One needn’t be a pirate, after all, to embark on an enterprise strictly in the name of treasure.
As for the rest of the gang, Geoffrey Rush reprises his role as the ruthless Captain Barbossa, while Bardem does what he can through the filter of a digitally enhanced villain who bears a resemblance to Jacob Marley’s ghost.
Six years have elapsed since the last entry in the series, the less-than-memorable “On Stranger Tides.” Without giving too much away, the new movie closes on a note that actually would be a rather satisfying way to end the franchise after its extended vacation.
Those who stick through the credits, however, will encounter a scene designed to tease a potential next film. Assuming the box-office winds are favorable, that means these “Pirates” might not see much dry land if there are more moviegoers to plunder — or rather, willingly hand over their hard-earned loot.
“Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” premieres May 26 in the U.S. It’s rated PG-13.

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