Police Probe Teen’s Claim That 40 Men Raped Her


Police probe teen’s claim that 40 men raped her

According to The Nation, a local newspaper, the victim’s parents work at night tapping rubber trees, which would often leave the girl, who is now 15, alone at home when the rapes allegedly occurred.
“The complaint states that the girl was first raped by an assailant at her home, then subsequently forced to go to huts in the area where she was drugged and gang raped by multiple perpetrators,” it reported.
Koh Raed is a small and close-knit community with a little more than 100 residents, Leesen said, who mostly work as rubber tappers and fish farmers or on fishing trawlers.
Leesen said many of the residents have expressed shock at the allegations because the area is small and those living there consider their neighbors to be extended family. Many of the villagers are related to men accused by the victim of being involved in her rape, according to Leesen.
“Local residents are having stress from various degrees, depending on how the case affects them,” Leesen said. “Many of the residents said they don’t believe this could happen. Since the village is small, if something happened they should have known.”
The girl’s family relocated from Koh Raed on August 4 over concerns for their safety. Following reports of threats and harassment the family is now under police protection, according to Torraksa.
“I will make sure every culprit will have to serve their crime and I will make sure [we] receive justice for both sides,” Torraksa said.

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