Policeman Killed In Attack Married In Posthumous Wedding


Policeman killed in attack married in posthumous wedding

“This hatred, Xavier, I don’t have it because it is not like you. Because it does not correspond to anything that made your heart beat, nor why you entered the police force,” Cardiles said.
“Because public service, helping others and protecting everyone was part of your education and your convictions. And tolerance, dialogue and patience were your strongest weapons.”
Cardiles could not be reached for comment.
Jugelé was a dedicated LGBT activist and had twice volunteered in Greece, aiding migrants, BFMTV reported.
In April, shortly after his death, Jugelé was awarded the Legion of Honor, one of France’s highest honors.

What is a posthumous wedding?

Posthumous marriage is legal in France, under Article 171 of the country’s civil code, according to the French government’s website, though it rarely occurs.
Applicants are required to demonstrate sufficiently serious grounds and to establish the deceased’s willingness to be married. Permission is granted at the discretion of the French President and was given by then-President François Hollande before he left office.
France isn’t the only country to have such a practice. A variation of posthumous marriage is practiced occasionally in China, where “ghost marriages” can be arranged for the deceased, with partners living or dead.
In his April eulogy for Jugelé, Cardiles reflected on the life they had led together.
“A life of joy and laughter, in which love and tolerance were your uncontested masters,” he said. “You lived like a star, you leave like a star.”

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