Sewing His Lips, Swallowing Frogs And Catching Bullets: David Blaine’s Most Shocking Tricks From Beyond Magic

Sewing His Lips, Swallowing Frogs and Catching Bullets: David Blaine’s Most Shocking Tricks From Beyond Magic

Is David Blaine addicted to the danger?

That was a major question during his special, Beyond Magic, which aired Tuesday night on ABC. While there were endless celebrity appearances—Margot Robbie, John Travolta, Johnny Depp, Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, Drake to name just a few—the undeniable scene stealer was the 43-year-old magician and illusionist who tested his body and fate in more ways than most ever would—especially in less than an hour’s time. After all, “Do you have 911 on speed dial?” was an actual question asked during the segment. 

Danger aside, Blaine’s talent was unquestionable as he munched on glass, swallowed swords, guessed cards from a full stack and threw cell phones off roofs only to find them in a nearby purse. 

While the 42-minute show was packed with moments that would marvel any ordinary viewer, here are five of Blaine’s tricks from Beyond Magic that left jaws permanently dropped. 

1. Fishing for a Wedding Ring 

The special kicked off with Blaine asking to see a handful of wedding rings and casually swallowing them. Considering they’re worth a lot in sentiment, the magician decided to return them to their owners—by fishing them out of his throat with wire hangers. As for the cherry on top, the rings were dangling in the middle of the hangers as if they were never cut or opened. 

2. Reading Margot’s Mind

Blaine simple asked the Suicide Squad star to think of something about herself that he would not be able to search online. Then, he asked her to search it on Google on her phone, pick an article and pick a word from that article. Without any explanation or conversation, he was able to write the fact and the word on a friend’s palm for all to marvel at.  

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3. Defying Digital 

During a FaceTime chat with Lawrence, Blaine asked her to say a specific card and number, so she picked the Jack of Clubs and 23. Then, he asked her to count 23 cards in the deck and flip over the last card. Low and behold, it was the one she had thought of. “If you started a religion, I would follow it,” the Oscar winner proclaimed. 

4.Bullet Fast 

In a trick that defies pure nerve and has zero margin for error, Blaine decided to revisit a trick he performed in 2009—the bullet catch. The deadly trick involves Blaine wearing a mouthguard and “catching” a bullet in his mouth after it is fired directly at him. While his best friend fired the gun seven years ago, the illusionist decided that was last time he wanted anyone to “assume that risk,” so he was going to fire the gun himself this time. Spoiler alert: he performs the trick twice and lives to finish the special. When asked by his dentist why he won’t just fake the trick, Blaine replied, “Because it wouldn’t be fun. It would be boring—obviously.” 

5. His Lips Are Sealed

After training with swords, Blaine figured out how to control his gag reflex and swallow virtually anything—as it seemed. So, after being inspired by a magician who managed to turn his stomach into an aquarium of sorts, Blaine figured out how to spit up live frogs for his party guests, including Drake, Dave Chapelle and Stephen Curry. The Brooklyn native took it one step further when he sewed his mouth shut first before spitting up a few more frogs in front of David Beckham

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