Sinead O’Connor Sits Down With ‘Dr. Phil’


Sinead O’Connor sits down with ‘Dr. Phil’

O’Connor accused her mother, who died in a car crash when the singer was a teen, of physically and sexually abusing her.
“She ran a torture chamber,” O’Connor said. “She was a person who took delight in hurting you.”
When asked what she loved about her mother, O’Connor responded, “What I love about my mother is that she’s dead.”
McGraw told Jimmy Kimmel this week on Kimmel’s late-night show that O’Connor reached out to the “Dr. Phil” show for help.
“She called and she said, ‘I want to destigmatize mental illness,’ ” he said. “She said, ‘I clearly have a problem, too many musicians are dying. I want to use my life, be a teaching tool. I’m willing to sit down and talk.’ “
O’Connor’s episode on “Dr. Phil” is set to air Tuesday.

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