SNL Writer Turns To Twitter For Help After Grabbing The Wrong Garment Bag For The Emmys

SNL Writer Turns to Twitter for Help After Grabbing the Wrong Garment Bag for the Emmys

Social media to the rescue! 

Saturday Night Live writer Nick Kocher turned to Twitter for help over the weekend after he grabbed the wrong garment bag while exiting a Delta flight from New York City to Los Angeles. Inside the garment bag was Kocher’s tuxedo for the 2017 Emmys, so he needed that back ASAP before the show on Sunday.

“IF YOU FLEW FROM NEW YORK TO LOS ANGELES FOR THE EMMYS PLEASE DEAR GOD READ THIS,” Kocher tweeted Saturday alongside a longer message explaining the situation.

“Ok internet. I need your help,” the message began. “YESTERDAY I flew from JFK to LAX and grabbed the wrong garment bag off the plane. So now I have somebody else’s tuxedo and they have mine. F–k my dick.”

Kocher then explained that he talked to Delta and they’re going to let him know if someone brings the garment bag back. He also gave the details about his flight number and what his garment bag looked like. Kocher then asked Twitter to share the tweet in hopes that whoever had his tuxedo would see it.

And hour later, Kocher gave his followers an update. “UPDATE 1: A friend has offered me his suit. It is MASSIVE on me. But unless I find a better option, I guess this is what I’m wearing?” Kocher shared a picture along with the tweet.

Then just about four hours later, the writer’s followers received this amazing update: Kocher’s tux had been found!

So who had his garment bag? Matt Lappin, who works for Emmys host Stephen Colbert.

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Kocher shared, “Fun fact: Matt works for Colbert and is nominated against us, so while this looks friendly, he is my dire enemy and I wish him ruin.”

On Sunday, Kocher shared multiple Instagram videos and pictures that show a timeline of the tuxedo saga. One picture shows Lappin’s message to Kocher on social media, letting him know he had his tux!

“DUDE! I have your clothes!” Lappin wrote. “I had to wear your jacket last night, and you were right. I looked fresh as f–k! How do we meet?”

Well it looks like they were able to meet and exchange clothes! The duo also met up on the red carpet at Sunday’s Emmys. 

“We did it! Thanks to everyone who gave attention to this instead of things that are actually important!” Kocher tweeted.


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