Tom Hiddleston Discusses ”Extraordinary Effect” Music Has On People (And We Can’t Help But Think Taylor Swift Is On His Mind)

Tom Hiddleston Discusses ”Extraordinary Effect” Music Has on People (And We Can’t Help But Think Taylor Swift Is on His Mind)

Now that he’s dating Taylor Swift , Tom Hiddleston has most likely witnessed the musician’s creative process firsthand. 

So it’s no wonder that when the topic of his singer-songwriter character in I Saw the Light came up during a SAG-AFTRA Q&A in Los Angeles on Friday night, Hiddleston had something pretty poignant to say about how his perception of performers has shifted over time.

“I suddenly understood why people [become singers] forever,” the actor said of his realization. “There’s an extraordinary effect that music has on people, it creates such joy immediately.”

The 35-year-old went on to recount his own experience performing onstage in front of the entire cast and crew of the 2015 film, adding, “I didn’t know was going to make us feel like we’ve known each other for years.”

And while the Emmy nominee didn’t shout out his leading lady directly, we can only imagine the conversations these two have shared about Taylor’s passion for her career. After all, a source told E! News back in June that Swift has spent the summer “writing new music.”

Hiddleston also admitted that singers have it much tougher than actors, saying, “I really have such respect for musicians and for singers because they’re so naked. Actors get to hide behind character, even though we’re really expressing ourselves, but people don’t tell that.”

He continued, “But musical performers are up there and it’s them. I have a guitar and this is the song I wrote, this is how I feel. But the power you have to make people feel good is extraordinary and that’s the reason why these performers are unstoppable.”

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A guitar and songwriting, eh? It’s no secret T. Swift writes her own music and rocks out on the guitar. The stars aligned almost too perfectly with this one.


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